Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Finally 'o' levels is officially over!!!waited very long for tis day.After the last paper sato,uncle,qianyu n i wanted 2 go buddy hoaggies eat or drink whatsoever,peggy came along too.But i think our paper ended too early,we reached thr de cafe is not yet opened.So we decided to go mac.We eat n slack around awhile for bout 1 hr plus plus den went home.Went out again around 1 to meet qianyu they'll for a movie at marina square.Seriously tat movie 'the Carrot Cake Conversation suck.Quite boring n lyk normal tv series show.Waste time n $$$ only)): after tat came back khatib slack awhile den go home.it's damn bored la.
Still waiting for calls to go down for job interview,at home very bored,go out not much $$$ to spend might as well get as job.Job hunting aint easy,cuz most of them are already taken up by n levels students.Well hope 2moro will be a better day((:

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