Sunday, February 16, 2014

Year of Horse 2014

This chinese new year was awesome. Mainly because I do not have school work to worry about yet. The past few years was either exams or assignments. Made pineapple tarts with chubs's sister and its yummy. Not very expert but I think it is good enough for my fussy mouth. The feeling of it melting when you put into your mouth, can you imagine?

On the 30th night, cny eve my family headed to loyang tua bei gong temple to offer prayers for a better and smooth year ahead as most chinese would at any other temples. I got a feeling this is going to be a very good year don't ask me why. JUST THINK POSITIVE LAH!

Creative way to sell an apple. 

And usually on the eve of cny children will stay up late past 12am because it is believed that the later the children stays up, the longevity of their parents increase. And the older we get the less early we sleep so staying up is nt a problem at all.

Day 1 visiting my granddad's brother house. As usual bored when the adults are chatting so I camwhore 😁

My sister and I in our day 1 outfit. Hate how tall shr is already and still wear heels. So tall for what?

My parents in aspicious colour red!

Loving my day 2 outfit because it was so comfy and fluffy. From top to bottom except accessories are from Love Bonito. One of my very favourite blogshop.

Peep of day 3 outfit. Eyes are pretty swollen due to 2 nights of staying up to play. My skin look so good in this picture. And sadly for now it's going to be the last of bangs. I've decided to keep it long. 

And day 4 the usual gathering for steamboat with my secondary school buddies at my place!

Randomly insert this picture. Skin looking too good. Okay I cheat it was a camera app😂

The gambling session begins

9th day along with ny mother and relatives we went to Malaysia to visit our long distant relative there (which I did not know existed) and to play with fireworks. It is illegal in Singapore to even purvhase what more play with it. But it make sense lah with the notorious people if one that is not careful the place will burn.

This pot of food is too good. Forgot what it is called. Our relative is generous enough to open a few bottles of red wine for us. So this is about the new year

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hectic Holidays

Hello! It took me so long to get my ass back here. I guess there is still some love. To make up for the time and money loss, I work almost 5 days a week)): Exam this semester was a pretty long misery, but hard work finally showed some results. You know when I say it is really a hectic holiday. The way I love it with activities filled up all of my time!

Immediately the day after exams, I met the closest uni mates for dinner and chill session! Had this planned before exams. Hahahaha!

At Timbre Art House

The duck pizza as amazing as ever. We camwhored like crazing at The Fullerton Hotel after 'borrowing' their toilet. We ended our night at play nation and I believe we all had a good laughing and enjoyable meet up.

That same weekend also long planned beforehand, my favourite people and I went to JB for korean bbq!

On our way there in AC-7

My girlfriend and as usual,the only girls

Jang Won Korean BBQ near The Zon mall

The sides are always too much! And most of it we don't really know how to appreciate it and it will go to waste. The price is roughly the same as having it in Singapore depending on what you've order and we love it there because it really taste good.

All the hungry beast ready to feast!

It was a rainy holiday and we girls went for manicure and pedicure while the guys go for massage at holiday plaza. What a way to spend our weekend uh? Loving every bit of it!

Then it was adventure cove with the poly clique on the following weekend. So much funnnnn! I always gobbled many mouth of pool water whenever there is wave pool. What are the perks of being a shorty? See those 2 tall ones bending down to accommodate my height in picture taking >:(

Wheee salmon sashi from salmon factory. 500g for only $18!!!
They have other yummy stuffs too like lobster bisque, mushroom soup etc.

Fassler Gourmet at 46 Woodlands Terrace
Opening hours: Mon- Fri 8am-5pm
Sat 8am-1pm
PH and Sun closed

Grilled Salmon Fish Head

Chubs brought me to Nihon Mura at Yio Chu Kang to satisfy my sushi craving and this is something that I must order, of course not forgetting chawanmushi! The best chawanmushi by far I had was from Itacho sushi. Hmmmm

Heehee and last week was Sukiyaki with my angels

I swear this Aged Tofu is freaking awesome

My angels (actually they are devils in disguise)

Always love to do many things ad go to many places so that my time is well spent. Speaking of which I'm happy that my coming Saturday morning is a give back to society moment. Volunteer work at Teck Whye to distribute food supplies to elderly. So grateful because I have received a lot of help from people too and I feel that I need to give back to society to show my appreciation.

There's many more things to do in December. I love December except for my sucky work schedule. But its okay I believe everything else will straighten out. Christmas is one happy festive season and I still have meet ups to fulfill, wedding dinner (I love to attend weddings), wedding lunch reception, chalet and birthday celebrations! So much to do and buy but financial constraint))': and one more month till school reopens again. 2 months of holidays are not enough!

p.s.: Oh ya and I have a dayre too! Follow me there at: daffnyyy

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thoughts and sometimes a little more

It didn't come so difficult for me to pen down things I want to say. Probably procrastination, busy(just excuses) or there's too much I don't know where to start so I just let things go by.

School has reopened(boohoo!) sleep decrease, play/relax time decrease and every other things like stress, workload blah blah increases. Sian I know!1 more year till I graduate and I have to start thinking, researching and planning what I would want to do in the future already. I think the part that made me stress is that I have  not received my previous semester's results and not knowing how I fair makes me very anxious and scared.

I need to change myself about being indecisive. Sometimes I asked for too much that I might go overboard, yet sometimes I hold back and tolerate too much. I would ask myself if this is really what I want. If it's not what I want but afraid of the changes makes me hold back. I hate myself for not knowing what I want and this is very frustrating. People say things will slowly fall into place but I might not be patient enough to see the end effect. See? So problematic  right. I really think I'm quite hard to please. Not sure if it's because of my character or if it's a habit that can be corrected. I don't see how good or not good this can be.

I fantasized a little more and ask for a lot more too. Do you really love me like that? I may portray certain level of confidence but I usually am not. Can I really believe makes everything so dubious. I'm torturing myself with such often senseless thoughts. I need to make myself a happier person.

Not asking for any empathy, just that I need to one day read this again and see how much I've did done better.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Awesome 21st Birthday on 08/06/2013

This update came so late but still it's something that have to be recorded for memory sake. Unlike last year, there were no surprise celebration at 12am in the morning but it was the most enjoyable birthday ever. It is a great step to go into adulthood and a big deal of responsibility, have to decide what I have to do for my future. 

Okay anyway girlfriend suggested in group chat to go visit Eugene at work and probably wait for him to end work and initially, only 4 of us (girlfriend, Clarence, Wei Lun and I) decided to go because others could not confirm. End up when we reached Bluejazz, a few more turned up-.- End up it became a proper gathering. Have been a long long time since everyone turn up for one. So Eugene also want to join in the fun and declare himself off work early. 

Everyone wished me happy birthday when the clock strike 12 and we drink and chat like normal (a little bored because majority are in army talking about army stuffs). I thought like okay since I'm wished so it's fine anyway I'm going to have my party in the evening. But at 1am+ suddenly the whole group sang birthday song and a cake appear!Awww sooo touched by my clique every year^^ sorry I don't have picture of my ice-cream brownie cake because my phone have problem reading my media card and I got so fed up that I reformatted it-.-

Hand made shot w toffee or something by Eugene (bartender)

Some Baileys shot

My favourite people with me on that very night. Thank you girlfriend for putting together this collage. Love you<3

The next day!

Girlfriend and Wei Lun came over a little earlier to help out with the decoration. Wei Lun only made himself useful when he help me to put up the decorations on the wall because he is tall enough to not need a chair.

At last! Those thin outline are not done by me (so you know why). Effort to help appreciated though >.<

My customized cake! Chocolate fudge fondant by Cake Avenue. They delivered exactly what I wanted! That agnes was supposed to be in a yellow/black stripe top and a blue jumper but I told the person I wanted  her in a white tutu dress, so tadah! I got it((: My guest complimented that the cake not only look good but tasted nice as well!5/5 stars for Cake Avenue! I think I would want a fondant wedding cake as well in the future. Heehee.

Special order four seasons mochis

Pang's Catering. The food and price is worth it! My mom still worry that we do not have enough food for the guest, but we end up having leftovers even after most guests have eaten. 

The couple who came earliest because they have to leave early for their 8pm Jay Chou's concert. That's Kim Wei aka Jimmy (my boyfriend) and Claris (dear).

My primary school friends. More than a decade already!From left to right: Dilys, me, Esther and Wen Hui.

Chubs testing out the shot I think?

My present from girlfriend and gang, plus an angbao, 2 cartons of tiger beer and a martell from the hardcore drinkers-.-

There's my clique and my secondary school friends as well. Long lived friendship my friends((: From left to right, top to bottom: Kaori (she half japanese by the way), Qian Yu, Clarence, Wei Lun, Eugene, Richard, Zhizhen,Cathryn, me, Esther, Amos and Kai Sheng.

My family

Poly mates. From left to right: Ernest, Jewell, Dilys, Jolene, me and Jeslynn.

Poly Classmates. From left to right: Karhao (missing Jaslyn), Aswin, Jasrel, me, Wen Hui and Sheryl.

The entire poly gang

My angel my University friend, Sarah. Short of another wing, Jing Yi)): I'm so glad I met them during bridging course, even though now I'm no longer in the same programme. They were selfless and they took time and patience to teach me on things i haven't learned. Thank you both! Muah =*

My same aged cousin Shi Ying

Thank you guys and relatives for coming, and thank you for all the presents and angbaos. It was the best birthday party ever for me to remember forever. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Any time, Anywhere ; Randomly

What a long hiatus! My life's mediocre after exams. Everyday is work, work and more work. It's okay, I'm occupied and I don't have to worry about not earning enough for my living expenses. Hope schedule next month will be well-planned and balanced =/ Missing this space so here I am doing what I kinda enjoy((:

Cookie Crumble Mocha from you know where. Ever since exams I realise I love mocha (probably cause it contains choco). Spent a lot of money when studying or exams. Cups after cups of caffeine. Tsk so unhealthy for the body and wallet.

Been enjoying red velvet lately. If I could choose flavour for my cake it could most likely be red velvet too ^^ Thank you Jing and Sarah for always trying to meet up with me even though you both are busy. Where is our workout sessions??!!!

Tiramisu chocolate from Choco Express. Newly opened chocolate place at several places (I think). So far I only know it existed in Hougang Mall and AMK Hub.

Omg and these wonderful Carrot Cake Cupcakes baked and delivered by Alan. I always see many pictures of his pastries done "for fun" and they always look so yummy. Finally I get to taste one of them now((: So blessed with awesome friends ((': 

Heehee and I was so nervous for my retest and I DID IT!Class 3 driver now^^ Lalalalalala~ My cousin say I hao lian (show off) but I'm just very happy okay!*annoyed face* I really thought I might have failed and have to book TP again. THANK GOD!

The babygirl came to visit me at work and accompanied me from break time till the end of work! That's Aston's Black Pepper Fish with Macaroni & Cheese and Corn. Yumms~

And she finally got her present and card from me for a so belated birthday (Hope you like it!). Stained my finger with marker ink while making the card-.-forever clumsy.

Now I can't wait for my own birthday to arrive!Very excited but I'm also worried if thing will go well *fingers crossed*! Cake = checked, headcount = checked, food = checked. Left with deco to shop for!2 more weeks.