Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wondering y i had de time to blog n not working?not off but i'm sick! nite before christmas eve i was running high fever n den in de morning it subsided so i went to meet cathryn den go work.When on de way thr a little feverish already.thot i could stand de fever so changed into uniform n went for briefing but my sic felt my forhead n said tat running a fever lyk tat i cant stand outside de shop floor so she sent me hm to rest.I can barely walk hm from de mrt station.It took me lyk forever to get hm.I felt awful.When i reached hm i juz slumped on my bed n sleep after taking a panadol.No use anw.De fever kept subsiding n coming back again de worse is a bad cough coming wit it.Wat kind or christmas is tis anw?

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