Friday, January 30, 2009

posting is out

I woke up tis morning wit 1 missed call n 10 msgs!Everybody is lyk asking wat course i get into n wher?Chill.I haven check yet cuz tat time while choosing my courses i didnt leave my no.Sad)): i got into my 4th choice food science at NYP.Not tat bad la since it's one of my choices but i badly wan to get into hospitality n resort management at NYP oso n i cant even appeal cuz im not eligible my cop cannot make it)): wat to do?stick to tat course n study hard lorx though im not exactly de science type.Im only afraid tat i cant cope well.Well well i guess tat's my only choice to try n do my best to excel ba.But one gd thing is many ppl i noe are gg to NYP!So tat means we'll get to see each other more often?Take care ppl n gd luck to those hu are appealing((:

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