Friday, February 6, 2009


As usual 2day woke up at 7 plus to go for work cuz morning shift.Same la actually morning can go hm early afternoon can sleep longer not much diff.Lucky i wasn't late.If not 3 times in a row le:x Blah blah blah... nth much bout work.Den lunch break zoe;my colleague called n ask something n she reminded me tat i forgot to photocopy my results slip n cca record for her to hand in on my behalf n damn it my scaner got prob, so gotta bring it down personal on sat.sian no work still need go thr)): nvm la for every chances i have i'll juz go for it((: Den after work zoe came down to de store to look for me cuz we planning to go buy b'dae present for de other colleague de children but end up decided to give money better.So we took train together cuz she go meet her bf n gg de same way as im.We talked a lot bout many many things.Girls talk.Know her not long but could click off((: den after tat i went hm n here i m blogging lorx. 2moro is pay day!!!Haha im so happy yet sian cuz cant spend too much.tolerate one more day of work n i can have 2 days of rest but...go back sure work till siao!Haiz.wat a life uh?

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