Monday, February 23, 2009

boring sunday

2day actually set my alarm to wake me up at 11.30am so i can cook n eat my lunch before gg to work but end up 12pm den wake up.Ask my super free gd lifed sis to go downstairs help me buy can soup she dun wan.fine la!Den my mother came back not long quarrel wit her n i end up gg downstairs da bao chee chong fan to work place to eat.I left de hse crying.Whatever la always quarrel over de same issue.Shit la.Den went to meet qingaide to pass her back her 2 bks which i've finished reading.N shun bian took a pic wit her(above).Wow i missed her man!I didn;t smile so naturally cuz juz cried)):Haha.Den i headed to work.Nth much bout work la same old things.

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