Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy birthday to PEGGY LIM!!! WEll well finished wishing her on her blog le.Ytd at work was i wouldn't say horrible but not tat gd either.Thx to de every mths 'girl thing' i had a hard time getting to sleep cuz it was damn painful n work i couldn't stand straight(slouchy)!Haiz.Want eat oso no appetite lorx.Bleahz!After work wanted to take a train straight back to khatib but thr's so many ppl so decided to boounce back.While waiting at marina bay, some thots crossed my mind.Suddenly had de urge to cry.But i held back.Things are diff.Ain't de same.Wanna go eat supper but nobody pei me.sobsob))': And juz nice it was my fav weather.Rainy day((: chill chill.Simply love it!I walked hm in de rain w/o anybody's biz.Reached hm dun even bother to get into de showers first n here im sitting in front of de com blogging.
Later gg to celebrate gek n dunno hu's birthday.broke uh.nvm yr one time((: Before tat gotta go nyp hand in my enrolment thingy den head to bugis get something den go meet those ppl gg for de celebration.While waiting maybe go cathryn's hse first ba?See how.

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