Thursday, April 23, 2009

Everyweek a day i got 3 bloody hrs of IT lesson n i simply suck at it!Not tat it's no fun.Ouh great uh?IT idiot.At times I really dunno wth hell de lecturer is talking bout.Lucky de place i was sitting at de com faulty den i move to de seat beside hendrick.Woah, he'd helped me a lot if not i stuck dunno how long n how many times.Fed up leh.Humph!2 weeks later still got test uh thou only mcq but if dunno oso die.Hope i can make it uh.De lecturer is kinda funny.Trained to sembawang wit alvin n ernest to meet ppl help them write letter.Gd luck uh.Hope u'll succeed((:
2moro got lecture by de strict lecturer jowena.Attire wise muz take note.Reach early sit down better still cuz im wearing slippers n i dun wanna get caught.Break time shall go to amk cuz it's lyk 2 hrs la at sch oso nth to do.After sch sian already.Need to go work again,but nvm.Will meet B first((: Den he pei me wait till zoe end lessons.So gd rite?Lols.I wanna Ace my module!Cuz tis chance for me hadn't come by easy.Im lucky enough((: thank god.Work hard work hard.Oso need to chill sometimes.
And lecturer anne marie showed us a video of tis guy adam bout his public speaking n i was kinda impressed at de content of his life story.It's really fantastic n gd learning point.So remind me of de adam khoo's 3 day motivation camp.I miss it!Enjoy life as much as u can.Cuz u might never noe wat will happen 2moro.Dun take things for granted.Cherish every moment wit ur loved ones alright?
Kind of random but:
I love my friends!!!Especially those OLD ones.Biased uh?Cant help it((: Very memorable moments we had which had deeply etched in my mind.I love them all!!!
I dun care if i sounded corny.Haha.I very bhb one.Dun believe try asking them...

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