Monday, May 25, 2009

Damn it la.I so really wanna do well man.Yet i kept procrastinating studying.Wth is wrong wit me.De girl hu at all cost muz strive to excel had faded.De spirit in me.Hais.Asked Dilys how's de paper n she told me microecons paper aint easy at least to her la.Die la.I'd seemed to lose de optimism in me.Idk how to get it back.I noe some ppl out thr care.No worries i'll try my best to buck up.I shall pay now n play later.Thx to ppl hu gave me advice uh.I appreciate it BIG TIME!Especially Silly.thankQ((:
Wanted to study in sch 2day but well fail uh de study session?Ppl talk, me getting restless causing a distraction to others too.Sorry.Went hm otw dropped by centre n chat wit aunty mary.I miss her!!!Mummy cooked barley cuz weather is so freaking warm n yea love it for tat moment.Hehe^^ 4th day didnt talk to daddy after quarrel n de only sentence 2day was i replied it's not in here(looking for cordless phone).Aiya.So fed up man.
Nvm off to continue wit econs again.Pray for me to do well ppl.Wish me loads n buckets of luck:x

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