Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kinda disappointed at my grade for effective com.C leh so jialat.Was hoping at least to get a B))': Nvm ICA 2 muz score!Im so happy after IT lesson's assignment was completed!I did it myself((: Contentment^^ After tat went to pasta mania wit belinda,ernest,jonald,alvin,jonald n karhao for dinner cuz i was craving for it((: Stupid things they did while eating.LAughing away.And some nth better to do ppl taking other ppl's unglam pic.Damn full.Den walk walk around play at star factory den headed hm.
If u never once did bother to care y start now?Sound as if u did everything for our gd.Screw these craps!Sometimes u do sometimes u dun.WTF is tis uh?If tis is absurdous.Simply a short-lived madness.Dont i so agree tat de worse tempered ppl is those who knew they were wrong?Yet living in denial.Attitudes is so contagious.Dun blame me I got it frm u.Ah i shall juz be angry n get over it.Pissed off!

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