Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I should be sleeping by now but i slept too much juz now tat now i wanna study but kinda lazy.I noe now it's not de time to be.Pom should be able to finish half by later n stats 2 topic no prob de.De prob is microecons uH!QINGAIDE!If u c tis pls pls pls text me hao ma?Haha.Provide if u noe microecons.Teach me if u noe.Especially after demand n supply onwards n de oligopoly thingy.Ahhh!!!I need help man.So much so many but i noe i can do it!And i keep telling myself tat too...
I dunno wat im thinking la.I wish i knew better wat i wanted.Damn it!Gotta make gd use of all de time now.It's either pay now play later or de other way round uh.Choices always have consequences.

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