Friday, November 13, 2009

Heng uh 2day didnt late for first lesson or not marked absent uh.Eh it ryhmes.Haha.As usual marketing is kinda sian n yes de assignment is due next fri!!!OMG la i haven do yet.Tsk daphne daphne y so lazy.During break we went to np de ishi mura to have our lunch.Yummy man i ate wat terriyaki whatever cream sauce pasta n sushis.Damn full n yea la damn pig uh.Otw back to sch for accounting it poured heavily.Nice but not nice when kana my whole leg wet.Gd thing i didnt wear shoe uh.Den *fast forward*after sch headed to amk n de usual clique played games at archade while passing time for movie.I played de bball n i shoot till my hand tired man.Girlf den text me n say she reach already so i went to fetch her.Den while still wasting time we bought some finger food n bubble tea to enjoy.

WE watched paranormal activity n de begining is damn damn sian one la.Im lyk wth den lyk when things got weird n more weird it's kinda interesting.Actually me n girlf not scared de leh some parts but thr's tis girl behind us uh screamed suddenly n scare de hell outta us.De behind a bit scary la but can anticipate when it'll get scary but dunno wat will happen one.But i rate tis movie 6 only.Not really very nice la is ok only lorx.JR cheat my feeling say very nice-.-

I wan vitamin M)): jewell la keep tempting me daphne lets go shopping i gave her tat pathetic look.But no M no shopping.Awww man.

My classmates would understand tis when i say im a very very typical n extreme TYPE B person.Befriending yet can have high sensitivity level.

Im not ready.
I think i need a way longer time ba.
Everything im confused.
Juz leave me be it.
I chose to be how i am now.
Juz enjoying de life im leading now.
Sensitivity has no boundaries juz lyk jealousy.
I noe n i understand but tat hu i am.
I dun lyk to live n act accordingly to other's needs n not mine.
Im no robot juz lyk anyone else.
If anyone wanna change me den thankQ but get lost.
I dun give a damn i'll fuck care.
Wat's de prize?

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