Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marketing assignment is dueing!Muz get it done fast fast.Den maybe get classmates to cross check.Im de lazy one la all half half done one.Haiz in fact i really start to qns myself of my attitude in class n wat i wan.Wan to reach de submit in one step one day it's impossible at all.Gotta get my mind straight n do things right.Thou am tired but it aint an excuse.I really really admire xiuyi.She can handle work n sch well n did well for her exams.She noe n will do wat she n wants ok i admit im playful.And she's a damn patient n gd teacher man.

Random thots thou.I really really dun lyk to be left out.To me it's lyk i rather to be notified den assuming i cmi.I mean at least i noe im not being forgotten rite?Wat if i can make it n wasn't told?How would i feel?N how would u feel to be in my shoes?OK probably to some ppl it's not a big deal dun care lorx. Verbally i say dun care but deep down it really bothers me.HU am i being treated as?A nobody?I seriously hate it la.It really really matters to me cuz im rather sensitive(none of anybody's biz thou).Cant blame me la it's part of human's nature too.Surely thr's a teenie weenie bit of sensitivity.I kept quiet to not make a big fuss out of it.Can say i childish but i cnt ignore de fact tat im being treated lyk tat understand?If u got tat bit of heart.I dun need ppl to pity me i juz wan ppl to truely n sincerely care n treat me right.Is tat too much to ask?I dislike ppl hu only think for themselves.

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