Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Singapore, I'm Back!

10 days not long nor short.Im not gonna ask anyone missed me cuz i noe they sure do!^^
So now i'll bring u back wit me thru de pass 10 days.Err do u mind if u find tat u dun wanna listen to blabbering or whatever c de red cross on de top left hand corner of de page?Do urself a favour press it n close tis page yea?I only have some of de pics so de rest i'll juz put it on facebook on smth.Pic comes after tis grandmother post.

So here it goes...
Europe here we come.Along wit my relatives n cousin's cousin so considered fren luh.arnd 20 ppl.Wasted one day plus on the plane thx to Emirates(EK) airline.De bloody plane is so uncomfortable,transit time is damn long n de food is quite horrible.Not very i would say.I've watched movie tat i didnt get to c watch in sing lyk 500 days of summer,bandslam,post grad.Pretty nice.Wanted to watch the time traveller's wife too but a bit too tired to continue the show cuz in between our sleep we gotta wake up for meals-.- First day's food on de airplane was not at bad.I had braised beef pasta for dinner n after 10 freaking long hrs we finally arrived at Dubai for transit.another damn 4 hrs den board de plane to Vienna(wien).For light meal i ate some cheese omelette n lunch i chose chicken mascho smth.After 7 long hrs we finally arrived at our destination!Wat a long long plane ride.

We were late by 2 hrs n headed first to de palace for tour before de gate closesat 430 sharp.Ran in de light snow given only 2 mins.Wrap myself lyk some dumpling.N it's de first time i actually c myself smoking while talking.Cool.De interior designs ere exquisite n it's so classy.De paintings are over hundred of yrs done by de decendants.I start to smell History.After tour we went to tis chinese restaurant to have our dinner n den check into nH smth hotel.AFter wash up immediately off to lala land till 6am de next morning.Damn tired.Breakfast at 7am n de buffet lyk feast.Fabulous.After breakfast check out at 8am n bus-ed for 4 hrs to Budapest i think?Im not sure in which order oso budapest first or hungary first.Or is it de same?Ouh well.

Went to tis cerveny rak(pub)for lunch n it's snowing lightly.I actually notice de shape of de snow flakes.So nice but couldnt manage to capture it on camera thou)): awww.De food was much btr den hungary's local.Sry i guess juz not used to it.Den after tat while waiting or bus we tried to make snowball n i failed)): sian.But i succeed de 2nd time thou.HUmph!OUh ouH ya thr's tons of christmas tree arnd tat u dun even need to buy.Juz bring an axe chop it own n bring it hm for free.Kidding~And next to krakow.

Otw thr it's OMG!De traffic jam is so horrible tat we were stuck in de bus for hrs.Goodness!Almost everybpdy is asleep while im left to rot)): I stared out of de bus n tats all i did.Freaking bored n de worse thing is de mp4 i brought along failed me.I thot it was becuz of de weather tat it was unable to operate.Lil did i noe i was gd damn blur.I charged but forgot to shut down so it ended up no batt too-.- Can u imagine at???!!!Guess wat?Lyk finally we reached De place called zhong guo gong for dinner.N hotel is only short short dist away.

Crown Piast in some wulu wulu place.Hu's idea was it i forgot but i think it'd Darren's.Climb out of de window n play.Haha ouh yea we did~Made snow man n dumped snow on each other's head.Minmin i wont forget u're de first to get de snow on me.So wat?Big deal i got u back.Muahahaha!*cheekygrins*Damn fun can!2nd nite at de hotel we went to de nearby supermarket to buy things but end up we didnt bought a single think.So big so many things to buy but bluff my feelings.God noes they dun accept euros NOR CARDs.Got money oso dun wan leh.Ridiculous.Tsk!Wth make us walk thr for nth.

And unlike sing we're so fortunate.Countries wit 4 seasons especially winter, their nights are longer, sky gets dark early lyk 4pm n de shop oso close earlyarnd 7 plus 8.Aiyo how to shop u tell me?Back to hotel n climbed out of de window again to play.Wanna make a more successful snowman but end up got tired n deicided to have snowball fight instead.Initially was uphill vs downhill n end up almost everyone came up leaving 2 poor siblings defending n attacking lyk 6 7 of us.Shiying claims tat YoYo is de best snowball maker.Min u're not bad too ok.Haha.

Prague(Christmas eve)
Back to de singapore thingy we had everything we need muc to our convenience.All they have is a very big place ull of things they need but is hrs of drive away n they dun open on weekends.Sucky isnt it?C yet we complain so much wat bout them?Dinner at some chinese restaurant again n i swear when im back in sing i wont eat economics rice for as long as possible.So sick.Toured prague castle.DEn after lunch wa shopping.Nh much to buy most close alr n we got lyk 5 hole hrs to kil.We were finding space to shelte ourswelves frm de winter wind.Freezing man.Freaking cold.End up got back to de restaurant we had lunch.When we reach de hotel de room arrangement is super damn horrible.Our room was lyk so isolated frm de rest.Saddening.De ludicrous things is they actually gave my cousin an occupied room.Lousy to de max still wat 4 star.MY FOOT!Thomas our coach captain dun wanna exchange rooms wit us so mean.NO luh juz jk.Dun ever go to Diplomat hotel.Worse is we have to spend 2 nites thr.GOsh.

Had a change of driver.George i think?N he brought us hand made local delicacy.So sweet rite.Awww.Haha.Tour led by tis tour guide name sylvia.She probably is funny or tried to be funny but sometimes i dun get her joke.Overall mai hiam ok luh ai hiam kns lo.Haha.After lunch its time to head to Berlin!Damn suay i tell u.Half an hr after we left de reataurant we are stuck in de highway! effing bus brokedown.Got bored n went down n did some stupid stuffs.Nvm still de estimated time for de backup coach to come is 3 hrs but end up took an hr plus more to come.De maintainence truck came faster.Failed.

Calculated we wasted 6 hrs plus of our time being stuck thr n to reach de hotel.Had our dinner at 9pm.So late.Juz nice our luaggages arrived when we were to check in.Tsk wished we could stay a few more days in Berlin.Nice scenery n de hotel is de best among de rest!They give us christmas pressies!A cup wit big chocos.Yummy~My fav.BUt hor dunno y de room so warm rite Min.She fell asleep n i was awake till i dunno wat time den i finally fell asleep.Next thing i knew morning call-.- spoiler.Check out n off to Hamburg airport.Den home sweet home.

Wished it was longer)): I hate jet lags! Realised smth?Every meal got chicken!Bleahz.Next time wit them again it definitely would be fun too.I did most i SLEEP,EAT n SIT=Fattening.I lazy to upload de pics liao.2moro ba.Toodles~~~

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