Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally been back to de new campus.Damn big now.But still got de very new smell.Had fun playing again((: It juz feel so great.Except tat de floor on de 3rd level sucks big time.It wasnt waxed n it's damn slippery.Many fell but i did not.Couldnt break my speed thou.I think de court on de 1st floor is much btr lorx.PLay till very pek chek n damn cui man.No stamina to out run de juniors.Expecting more graduates frm our batch to go back but only 6 came.After every short match is lyk panting for breath.Goodness!Cant dun admit old liao le.TSK!Ate nasi lemak for dinner n watch a short video clip before leaving to beancurd city wit de rest.Overall i was glad i made it back.Planning a gathering for our batch(2005 entry) n date is probably on 11 apr.Not set yet thou.WE'll see how again.Below are de pics i have.De rest waiting to be tagged on fb as usual.

NBSS logo
So gd luh still got score board one.LAst time is de flip card type under de scorching hot sun!
Damn big luh.Esther so kan jiaong wan go shower n eat liao.
Ching huey n me.So sweaty n sticky n messy.

Some few tat came back wit ms tay in de pic.De senior de senior not in de pic.
Frm left(gekling,ms tay,esther,chinghuey,me)Top left(kyrine,hazel,yingying)

In de sch canteen.After shower so nice n fresh.So lil table spaces.Horrible man

Sian uh later gotta work.Shift changed.Wanna get smth after work hope thr is time n i wont be too picky.Recently too busy:x And i hope i wont be late for work!!!My T700 phone failed me.Repair come back oso cmi.Warranty over liao.Aiyo think gotta cange back to E63 to use le.Trying to pester my mother to allow me to get blackberry earlier.At most i forgo 2 mths of shopping)): Very xin ku for me leh but if can i really really dun mind^^

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