Sunday, March 7, 2010

Work n have fun is really awesome.But oso depending on de ppl u're spending ur time wit.So far not tat bad luh.I dun lyk staying hm anw.N yea obviously my mother is nagging as usual.Ouh well.2day work de time passed quite fast.Kenneth trying to be a joker uh.Damn funny man.He wanna change all de clothes on a prong to another.And he act smart luh.Use one hand take everything out.DE weight he cnt take den he's lyk eh eh eh den all slowly drop n he started call me xiaomei here xiaomei thr.Lols."Xiaomei come help me","Xiaomei thankQ".Den i entertain him call him da ge-.- JAs,kar,bel n jonald dropped by to get discount coupon frm me.After work meet parents for dinner as usual.

2moro jas cnt pei me go swimming.Sadden)): but i still feel lyk gg leh.N probably sing k at nite wit colleagues.Not cfmed thou.

I wan blackberry more badly after im so used to de keypad by using E63 n mango n yy got it alrd!!! And i told my mother she say dun waste money luh.I say nvm i use my own money she say use lorx,not my prob.It's gonna take m sucha long time.Tis mth totally broke next mth wan do hair muz wait till may.Very long leh 2 mths but mango say it's worth de wait cuz we can bbm.Haha!

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