Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can someone help me pls???Im super duper desperate.Ok im to be blame for not paying much attn in class simply cuz of de way de lecturer delivery de lec is lyk reading frm de slides.
Den during tut im thr physically but not mentally cuz lessons is freaking 8am in de morning.
Now project i feel so damn lost.So downright stupid!!!I dun wanna implicate de grp.
Im trying my very best now.Pretty worried for tis sem's modules=x

I think tis term break i missed out on pretty much things.So much i wanna do:kbox,shopping,gatheriing,htht,nite out drinking,bbq.However,top priority=projects.
So much of a life of a student@_@

Im so tired of giving a thot for ppl before myself.Everything think of others first.
Den have anyone spared a thot for me?fuck no!I controlled my stubborness n my bad temper to accomodate.Was it me or u?

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