Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy birthday darling Clarence Tan bai niao aka birdy^^ u're legal NAO!

So happy!Dins pass de interview at UOB.Yea i noe i initially said i wanted to.Bt thr's many things teacher din tell us over de phone.And de actual interview day i alrd decided otw thr tt i din wanna get it.Not saying things to make myself feel btr cuz i din get it.Bt if i get it i've gt many things to worry bout.N de small brain of mine is gonna explode of thinking too much!

Anw i did de interview anyhw only.My heart wasnt thr.Bt den come to think of it if get it would be useful in future for resume.Bt de slightest mistake u make they'll send u back.Nt tt i dont dare to take de chance bt i guess destiny made decision for me since im super indecisive.So i gt my answer.I'll go try my luck 2moro.So meanwhile enjoy my last 3 days of hols till full shift starts!

I hope tt tonite will be a gd nitee((:

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