Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wanted to go to sch 2day bt woke up at 7.30am n feel sick)): thot aft sleeping awhile more would be alright so took 2 hr urgent leave.Bt 9.30am woke up still nt well so took mc.Waste my leave.Hope cn cancel!Din go for sch n work 2day.Feel so horrible to lie in bed most of de time n have nt much appetite at all.Everywhr oso aching.Look de ugliest cuz i din shower my hair n wore specs out to de doc.Cough slightly till my lung hurts.IT SUCK!N was asked to go clubbing 2nite 2 times bt well i certainly cnt.I hope i wake up 2moro n feel healthy agn!

SOmetimes i really really cnt take it n dunno wat else i could do n almost breakdown.Bt i kept telling myself i cnt be so weak i cnt always breakdown n cry.It wont solve anything at all.Bt im tired.I really am.I really tried,n tried so hard.I din wanna be lyk tis.Bt at times i really cnt help it.Nobody would uds hw much i've been thru.Shut up to those hu thinks they noe SO bloody much bout me.I'll feel so pathetic for u cuz u're nt worthy of my time.

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