Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stupid dream!

11:11pm wow this time i start blogging.Nice.I was awaken frm my sleep at 8.29am by a dream.The 2nd time i had such a dream.I dreamnt tt I'm dying/dead.Scares me a lot.I mean, cmon I'm still young with unknown future ahead and dreams and many things that I have yet to experience.I don't wna die young, although growing old frightens me too.Irony.

The 1st time I dreamnt bout death, I am alrd dead lying in the coffin and my soul wander arnd looking at my family, my friends, my loved ones and hw much sorrrow they are in.I wna hug em but i cnt.Thats whn i woke up crying.

In my dream I knew the time I'm gg to die.10.20pm.And I rmb tt at 10.19pm I was counting down waiting for death to come.And suddenly, I felt nt prepared at all even though i knew i was gg to die.Rushed to the study table started writing hurriedly hw much I wna say. And before i could finish, the clock strikes 10.20pm.Surprisingly I'm still alive.I quickly pen down everything I wna convey,say or appologise because I din know hw much longer I was given.How much i realise tt I din wna leave w/o saying goodbye.Though to me its a selfish thing to do as my loved ones would witness my death and be heartbroken.I dun wna see em hurt bt i dun wna nt let em know either.

Stupid dream.

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