Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tops, Bottoms, Whatever

Got the velvet dress(1st pic) for new yr.Mad happy alrd.Cuz this yr tts my only new yr clothe.Ouh well. How should i match it with?Belt?Or necklace will do?Not forgetting my red clutch envelope bag((: Was contemplating if I should get the bodycon skirt(2nd pic) cuz i really like de leather part of it but if fat the tummy bulging wear like not nice leh n I really like it. Perhaps i would go get the maroon one if thr is still my size.Really really love to shop a lot bt i cant)): Sighhhhh.

Anw this red hearts over Samantha Vega wallet is my 1st christmas present((: All the while wanted to change a wallet alrd n din bear to cuz they wallet i had my eyes on is kinda ex. $390 for a Kate Spade and den whn i went shopping with Jewell one day I saw this n immediately fell in love with it so i decided to get this instead and it is cheaper too.Initially i had my eyes for the black on but whn i went back to get it no stock alrd so i gt red instead since its my fav colour. Love it so much thanks to baby^^ and i din know what to get him so i got him a Pedro card holder.I feel kinda sad cuz i cnt get any of my love ones a christmas present because i aint working n have nt enough cash to spend)):

Class chalet is damn fun and i must say Aswin did a very gd job in organising and planning it.Of cuz it is also a success because more den half of the class turn up and we had lotsa fun.I will never forget this awesome short "holiday" we spent tgt.

All i want for christmas is to be happy.

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