Friday, November 14, 2008


These are 2 of de pics taken ytd when i'm out wit cathryn((: de rest dun really look nice so ya.early in de morning woke up by some noise which i thot was rain but was actually ppl washing de block,dumb uh?nvm.Den waited for super long for cathryn's mother 2 agree let her come out.We first went to 925 to have our lunch(chicken rice) den after lunch train-ed down 2 outram park to go to HPB.Nth wrong.After tat we went bugis to shop,we bought 2 same colour top n she bought herself a so call olden days shoes when ppl wear(dunno wat's tat called) anw we shop till around 6 plus cuz i gotta go back 2 khatib for dinner. While waiting for someone i went to cat's hse awhile den later she acc me out plus alter her skinnies.tat someone came n we walk to 700 plus thr.We're early n still gotta wait for 2 'big card' ppl.Dinner started quite late n i'm lyk eating as much as i could(sounds rude uh?)nvm .Den eat dinner n blah blah blah.After dinner actually wanna talk talk but i gotta go hm so de '3' of them walked me hm lyk almost usual.tat's all!!!

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