Sunday, November 16, 2008


Got it from qianyu's blog((: hope u dun mind.Didnt blog for a few days cuz i'm a bit lazy.Today my mother woke me up early lyk 8 plus juz to go to my grandma's hse for my grandfather's 3rd yr death anniversary -.-''' tired!Iwas super boring thr.My family was lyk de earliest to reach.Den slowly de rest came.After tat my cousins n i watch tv till lunch time den after lunch slack around read bk till we were about to doze of den my cousin suggest tat we go hougang mall walk walk i'm lyk ,sure y not.Today, time was difficult to kill.Bout around 1 hr we're back already nth much to walk.Not long after another cousin came n juz nice we had 4 person for majong.Played till dinner time.Gosh it's damn early!4 plus having dinner already.Nvm it yummy yummy steamboat.Sat thr for bout 1 hr plus den de adult were lyk are u'll done?!Den we said yea we'll come back at 7 for 2nd round((: De prawns are BIG & FRESH!!!Haha wat big eaters we are,but wont get fat>. Around 7.30 or 8 everybody is gg hm le.Great i'm juz bored.So here am i blogging.I MISS U PEOPLE!!!It's been quite a while.I hope to see u'll real soon.Meanwhile take care ppl((:

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