Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wat a boring day again)): Woke up quite late so didnt have time to watch "You're My Destiny".Den went out w/o really eaten my luch to aunty mary thr help her distribute flyers.Qing wei overslept and esther forgot bout it.Waited for them for bout half an hr.All came w/o having taken their lunch .latecomers ah Hehe>.< Damn warm la de weather,sweating lyk tap forget to close lyk tat,den not long after it started to rain heavily.So much for complaining bout de warm weather uh?We decided to stop cuz we were tired anw.Den we went back n left the flyers thr,talk to aunty mary awhile den went to a nearby coffee shop for lunch.Full already so got energy to go np walk walk.Headed to the library to look at some bks.Quite late aready so left them n go vivo meet xiaozhu they'll.They took a detour so long haven reach yet so i went to get cathryn n my shawl.Cathryn i tell u better wash it first cuz it STINKS!!!Haha((: Den nth much to do so went back hm lorx.Boring la.Till now 2 weeks passed already n i'm still JOBLESS!!!pathetic uh?sob sob)): Thr'll always be a better tomorrow i guess??

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