Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Actually today we planned to go to ice skating but some either say cant go or no money.Aiya den forget it
lorx.We den decide to go eat n walk walk.Meet 12.30pm at khatib station but i was 10 mins late.sorry but im not de latest!It's ah dao lorx.She called me at de time we were supposed to meet n say tat she juz woke up!I told her to hurry n we will meet her at j8.We trained down to j8 n waited for ah dao at pasta mania.While waiting,we ordered drinks n soup n lyk around 1 hr later ah dao finally arrived!Can eat already.>.<>verybody ordered pasta except ching huey hu ordered baked rice.Nice((: Ah dao waste food didnt eat finish.Den we went to j8 walk walk n ching huey suggest tat since it's a weekday y not catch a movie,anw it's $6,but erica cant make it.Den yan qing n erica went hm,me,ching huey,esther n ah dao go causeway oso no movie to watch so sat down at banquet n slack.While slacking,me n ah dao went to buy dessert(mango pudding) to eat again>.< Yummy!After tat we went to pasar malam n walk walk,n i bought a shirt.Den we went on our own ways lorx.Friday movie!

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