Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Today went to orchard wit cathryn,yu zhu n wei ting to look for job n guess wat?Yepp)): it's unsuccessful again.sob sob)': We went to takashimaya,den paragon den last stop at far east plaza.Not realising but after walking n walking n walking it was almost 5.30pm.Den yu zhu a bit not feeling well wei ting tired so they both went home first.Me n cathryn continue shopping since cant find job liao n we both bought a dress.Yes!sort of my first one too.Yeah den after tat since kor is oso at orchard wit he frenz den we go lucky plaza de pool hall find them.Haha. At thr got free entertainment.Till around 8pm everbody headed home((:


These pictures were taken during 29/11/08 first day of chalet,BBQ nite.I wished everybody could attend tis BBQ cuz we might not be able to have another of tis kind of gathering in de future,but sad sad not everybody could turn up.It was quite fun,everybody chatting,laughing,and joking around.Mdm Faridah brought all her 3 children along n Elia is so cute!Haha.Many disturb him n de soft toy he was carrying.De nite ended very quickly.Next day we went to wild wild wet n had lotsa fun((: ok i noe a bit exaggerating but tat's becuz it was my first time thr.After tat we had kfc for lunch.I wanna have de beef lagsane set meal too(it's super tempting)but nvm dun waste $$$.Dinner we went to whitesand de kopitiam eat.Den went back to chalet play awhile den ppl started dozing off already cuz quite tired.Last day time to check out,late.Tat's all.

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