Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sorry ppl i haven got time to update my blog for so long.Well im back!
Lyk finally i got to off 2day.I was super tired so i sleep all de way till around 12pm for lunch den after i ate my lunch,rest awhile,den went back to sleep again till 4 plus den wake up.I know ppl are gg to say im a pig but seriously i haven slept more den 5 hrs for de past few days.I f i dun sleep more n replenish, im gg to work feeling lethargic.Work work and work i wanna enjoy my hols too!Im waiting for my pay which is lyk donkey weeks away.NEXT MTH!Humph)): After tat im so gg to shopping.Cuz of work i hardly had time to meet up wit my frenz.Really SORRY!I'll try find time though((: later daddy is bringing me to KFC for dinner.Yes!Haha.Im so gg to find out wher to buy de flats from(p.s.cathryn help me keep a lookout((: thx) cuz my flats de mouth is opening n tearing soon.And thank u laogong for informing me bout de tank top((: i got time i'll go take a look((: And TING i miss u too!so long didnt c u le leh wonder how have u been.Take care ppl((:

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