Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was quite a fruitful day i guess?around noon i call the person-in-charge to ask if i could go for de interview earlier n not next fri n yes!Appointment time at 2.30pm.After tat call i washed up n left hse at 1.15pm n trained down to somerset n took a 10 mins walk before i reached de building.Surprisingly i was early cuz im never early.Haha((: Den i waited till about time before i went into de office at basement.Filled up de form n den waited awhile n was sent up to de 10th floor to be interviewed by de person-in-charged.She's really nice n friendly.After talking bout 15 mins she said:ok, hold on a while while i get de letter printed.Tat means im recruited!!!Starting work 2moro((: Lols.Attire was simple but...i've gotta put on light make up!Gosh ppl hu knew me knows tat i never put on make up.OMG.Hopefully i wont look horrible :x Thx peggy.p.s: u noe for wat((: Went to northpoint to get some make up stuffs n 2 tops for work before heading hm.Well im pretty excited n hopefully,i meet ppl hu are friendly((:

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