Friday, January 9, 2009


Sorry for not updating for a long time.Well my com got prob n recently it went back to normal and everyday work work n work come home tired already, so lazy to blog.Today work up early to go work and i was yawning a lot.Tired.Cuz previous day oso morning shift buy i lyk becuz time seemed to pass faster den working afternoon shift.About an hr after break saw Dilys.Surprised cuz i was supposed to meet her after work n go nyp open hse together.She wanted to shop at bugis n wait till im finished wit work but something happened n she got to go back khatib.I met her later,which is after work(duh) and we go nyp de open hse.We chat more den we look out for de courses but anw we decided to get something to munch on so we eat at de mac thr.Quite cheap.Time passed so fast.9pm+ we left and headed home.2moro gg other poly wit yu zhu they'll but lyk nobody leh.We'll see how.I feel lyk gg swimming cuz i haven been for ages(sounds as if im really tat old).I missed de warmth of de morning sun.I wanna relax!Results coming out damn soon n im super duper nervous bout it.Shall not talk bout it and enjoy as much as i could.Hmmm.I missed my friends.Every single one of them.

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