Monday, January 12, 2009


Today i got up damn early to go meet qian yu cathryn n weilun for breakfast at yishun mac but i was late as usual so they take away for me.Den went sch wit cathryn n de 3 of us(qy,wl n me)slack all de way till 2pm to get our results.Haiz.Speaking of results i didnt do as well as i've expected to though thr're ppl hu said it's gd enough.So ya of cuz i cried.Obviously not for my mother!Try telling her tat-.- n see wat she'll say.I might get into de course i wan to but it's risky.Cuz de cut off point is low): nvm.I'll try anw n hopefully i can get my desire course.Now o levels is history.Congrats to ppl hu did well((: n thx for all de luck>.<

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