Monday, January 19, 2009


As usual ytd i went to work in de afternoon n im late for 8 mins.Thx to de crowd(my fault oso).Well everything went smoothly as per normal n before my break time i've already decided wat to eat!prosperity burger uhuh!never eaten tat before n it was yummy((: slow i noe.nvm.Confirm one.Everyday surely thr's one customer tat will find fault wit any of our staff.And 2nite a CHINA lady n her bf came n she want to try on de merchadise but i didnt see her go into de dressing room cuz i was attending to 2 customers at de same time n de rooms were occupied.Den when i realise she went into an occupied room n de customer left her clothes in thr n asked me y is de door locked.duh of cuz got ppl inside n i told her to hold on.i knocked on de door n said:'excuse me?'she didnt reply.2nd time again:'excuse me?' den she replies ya?of cuz i would think tat she understand eng cuz she dun even look lyk she's frm china.den i waited.5mins passed i knocked again n said:'excuse me?'awhile later she finally came out n looked at me or rather stare im lyk:'sorry,but de room is occupied.'She return me de clothes she tried on n left to tell her bf.Den as expected she complain to my manager.My manager den asked me wat happened n i told him everything making sure i did not missed out even one detail cuz im not at fault!Phew!My manager den told her it's a misunderstanding.Rubbish.He told me not to be bothered it's juz a small matter.Gd thing he's reasonable or not im sure to get a lecturing.OSO NOT MY FAULT!ok maybe im at fault tat i didnt pull de bouncer to block off de dressing room but other den tat not my mistake.Screw tat China lady!p/s;no offence.Den my sic heard bout it n ask me again den after tat she oso scolded tat customer along wit me.Bloody china brain la.If im not wearing my work uniform n staff tag be sure i'll scold her.So wanna give her a punch.U think wat?china uh?tis is singapore ok everything is law by law rule by rule.not happy?go back to china la.i dun have to c ur bloody face n tolerate ur unreasonable attitude.SCREW HER!!!

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