Saturday, January 17, 2009


2day is damn busy at work.So many ppl doing last min shopping for new yr.Irritating customers make de whole place freaking messy till everybody gotta tidy up almost every half hr n some are juz plainly brainless.Shall not talk bout them anymore.After work went to a japanese food court at cineplex for dinner n headed back hm soon after.Now everyone have chosen their choice of courses n soon when posting is out we all will be in diff schs n diff courses)): Some lucky ones will get to see each other often or might even be in de same sch n course while some only get to see each other once in awhile.I hope mostly can still keep in contact,but again it depends,aint it?And we will all be making new frenz n spending lesser time wit de old ones.No matter wat,be assured tat i will not forget de old ones.They've crossed my path n will remain as always.I've once came across a bk tat says:"Friends are juz lyk stars.They can come n go,but de ones tat stay are de ones tat glow".Truthfully I'll miss everyone every now n then(mushy n yet heartfelt).All de times spent together will be deeply etched in my memory for as long as i live.Is thr really friends forever?I would really wan to believe.

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