Friday, January 16, 2009

for qy

Personally dedicated to- Fishy/BABY:
WA!still use my fav colour leh((:new yr de weekend i request off, i try((: YEPP!1st stop cathryn's hse!Haha.U first day noe me meh?U dunno i lyk my food wit plenty of VINEGAR de ma?Haha.Action speaks louder den words ok?Dun forget tat.Very fair de lorx my memory so gd will rmb u de.No wories((: AND i still rmb mostly after sch our lunch out at 925 eating chicken rice.Ooouh i love it.Chukle chukle :D Crazy?Or Insanity?I think if not wrong i next week got 2 off day so one day can go out yea?Let u noe again.Duh.Of cuz i'll make sure tat im still in one piece when u next c me!How can i be everywhere else when u wanna c me leh?Gee...U take cares too!misses((:

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