Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today i woke up at 9.24am(time checked)!I was already super late for work!Was supposed to reach at 9am.Den i called my supervisor n told her she was lyk: wher u?!u juz wake up uh?!faster!fly here!i rush lyk mad n did everything in 1 hr including getting to de train station n to my workplace.I cross de road lyk no0body's buiz not even looking for oncoming cars.Crazy uh?Den reach thr at gotta go hm 1.5 hr later den normal))':sob sob.lucky my supervisor only say:daphne!i want to stranggle u!wher u go ytd?!y late?!haha but didnt scold me juz lyk jk only.Never have i been so late in my life before.wat de heck!Was happy cuz today was at topman instead of topshop.cuz topshop customers are lyk well i cant stand those ladies!den left 1 hr was being told to go back n help topshop cuz not enough's ok cuz 1 hr only wat.So after work i go meet my family n relative at amk de hawker to have my dinner.i walked all de way frm amk station to 300 plus thr can.After tat came hm lorx.Im so happy cuz 2moro no work!!!haha((:

14 Feb '09

My valentine for de day((: i was shocked to c my laogong tat day n she gave me a rose(soft toy type)so sweet rite?n a couple of photo taken wit her n tyty but it's in her cam.nvm it's ok.Well i quite enjoyed working tat day cuz i've got chocolates!Though i dun lyk seeing couples n many of them cuz maybe im envious ba)): After work gekling they'll come find me wanting to buy something but we are closed to de day so they waited for me n we headed to a dessert shop near tongseng thr at bugis to eat.Actually i dun wanna eat but they tempt me!After tat met cathryn n went for a bbq at pasir ris n went hm around 2 plus.

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