Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day~!
Well well.Ytd work was ok la.Thr's tis new staff came here 2 days ago for attachment frm phillipine.Poor guy la dunno he's been tricked to come here earn so damn little,even lesser den part timers n everyday full shift!crappy uh?I seriously pity him la.Work aside.After work met cathryn to go buy chocolates for ppl cuz of valentine's day though i dun celebrate.How sweet of us rite?Till i broke le.Chuckle chuckle((: Whatever la.For some of my frenz n colleagues.I very biased de.I only give hu i wanna give.I show favoritism so wat?!Lols.Boring.Den cathryn went off for her piano lesson n i go np exchange something den go meet my frens for dinner.Some near my blk playing bball den chat wit them wit them awhile n went hm le.Haiz.To kor:hey u ah anything dun sad sad de ma.can share share de but u seldom or never do)): well im always here believe it or not!So romantic to have to celebrate valentine's day wit my colleagues.ugh!nvm i dun lyk tis day anw.Ppl hu are attached do enjoy de day((: But wat i think is if u're wit ur loved one everyday is lyk valentine's day;vice versa.Take care..

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