Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm missing EVERYTHING!!!

Well went back to work ytd n ok, it was another quite boring day cuz not much shoppers.Thr's converse 3 on 3 gg on at de area beside de water fountain at bugis n boy i wanted to juz stand thr n watch,but gotta head to workplace)): eagerly waiting for break time to come.DEN,baboom!It started to rain heavily.While working i sort of started to daydream or should i say reminiscencing?I came to realise tat how much i actually missed playing bball.Wit de team whether during north zone,trainings or juz leisure.I SURE DO MISS THOSE TIMES...Tat kind of feeling is irreplaceable.AWESOME!De bonding tat we had.Haiz.I had de sudden urge to play bball.Flashbacks started throu my mind.How we first came together.And den i suddenly missed sch life as a sec student.All of my heartfelt words.We were closer last time compared to now.Haiz)): I've never regretted choosing bball as my CCA.WE had many moments of laughters,joy,sadness n togetherness.Sad Sad,sob sob))': ok i noe i very emotional.stop.Den after work check schedule again cuz off again.Rafis Khan u better change ur morning shift wit me!u owe me!humph!bleahz...So gonna miss kevin la.Ytd was his last day le.Den kana transfered to tamp wth?!It's ok got time i'll go visit u.(as if he'll see tis-.-)2day better be A VERY SUNNY DAY!!!I wanna ENJOY VERY MUCH!!!Nth much le ba.

Have u really fallen for me?
Or is it juz infatuation?
I have doubts.
I dont only noe u 2day.

Should i?Or should i not?
It's torturing me...

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