Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another off day over le.Lyk finally la.I dunno wat's wrong wit me.Got too little off day den complain not enjoying hols den got too many complain no money to earn.Nth much to talk bout ytd except tat i go eat my lunch wit frenz, den lepak awhile, den they came over to my hse to play poker n majong.Oh well, at least im not all alone((: Back to work 2day.
And RAFIS KHAN!Im so gonna kill u de next time i c u at work!HUH!How many times have u changed ur schedule last min wit me uh?!And how many times only have i asked u to change wit me???AND AND AND i dun lyk afternoon shift u noe tat!!!U uh...Humph!i angry already la u better watch out!!!Next time u sure kana bully by me hell lots!*TICKLES!!!And get ur bloody bike liscence passed!Ouh gosh!

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