Sunday, March 29, 2009

These few days haven been able to sleep well.I dunno y.Sleep late n wake up early on off days!!!Den when working days sometimes cant wake up.Oh crap!Cuz i guess i've been thinking too much le ba.I didnt wan to.Those thots invaded me.i tried very hard to sleep n sometimes even try sleeping wit soft music on.Or read myself to sleep.Tat didnt help either.Sometimes i cant help it but started to tear.Im physically n mentally tired.Im feeling lethargic le.To my dear frenz:I noe u'll care but pls dun be overly concerned.Juz dont.I'll share if i wan to.SORRY.

I only wanna find
someone hu can
share my happiness,
my joy,
my sadness,
to lean on,
to be wit me
no matter wat.

Im hurting...
God damn it!
Dun pity me.
I dun need to be!

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