Saturday, March 28, 2009

Okay 2day i woke up on time n get ready for work.As usual even if i wake up early or on time end up i'll still leave hse late i dunno y.Ppl always complain when im late.Oh well i tried to be early.Ok den they'll say excuses den y still late?So late already no special reasons better juz keep quiet let ppl say cuz if u explain u're sort of covering up for urself.
Nth particular happened at work.Thou customers kept trying when im stationed at de fitting room, i was only a bit pissed but didnt show or complain.Tat wasn't very normal for me cuz i usually gang up wit my colleagues den lyk pretend talking but say very loud let them here tat they keep trying we keep hanging very irritating.Den they come out we'll normally ask: how is it?they'll reply:erm,sorry it doesnt fits me/sorry, no thank u.really sorry.Im lyk sorry got cure uh?Some better one help us hang de clothes back on to de hanger sometimes but tat doesnt help at all.Cuz they usually hang it de wrong way wit de shop name at de back-.- .So well i've learnt to tolerate such ppl.Sometimes thr's customers even worse.Dun wanna say bout them.
Ok back to 2day's work.So when it's around 8pm plus thr's tis blonde-haired customer came in n tried clothes den my manager came n told me superstar leh.Im lyk hu?He say: Shi Xin Hui la.I:Is it?I didnt take a gd look at her face.After tat when she came out i look at her face n ask de normal qns n it is her!Gosh i didnt recognise her wit de bob hair dyed blonde.Den i told my manager:ya leh.Correct is her.My manager:See?I wont c wrong one.She's pretty.Not bad uh work at bugis can get to c lots of celebrities.Tat day got Guo Liang.After he came de next day got Fiona Xie.2day Shi Xin Hui.Sometimes got event got more n they're juz outside bugis junction.Cool.
Den after 9pm my colleague(phillipino)went up to a customer n ask:Hi,can i help u?Cust said:Help?How can u help?Stupid.My de other colleague heard tis conversation n im not sure my manager did too but im told bout tis by my manager.Im lyk wth?Really got such customers uh?My manager say she's super rude.Lyk tat say ppl.Ouh god!Don't her parents teach her some manners?
Den after work we did hse keeping n hanging back those loads n loads of clothes back n we were lyk talking loudly cuz only got us.DEn my manager brought up de incident again n he said:She's fucking rude.How can say my staff lyk tat.Ask her go n die la.We were lyk*blink blink*den everybody started to laugh.After laughing we continue wit de undones n laughing,screaming,singing,shouting n talking on de shop floor.Tis is how de day ended at work.

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