Saturday, March 14, 2009


After having 3 consecutive off days it's more den enough!Went back to work 2day.Well nth much bout work except tis pair of CHINA mother n daughter gave me a hard time.Short of staff cant wait uh?Kept hurrying me to get her de size n i told her to wait politely cuz i think she's blind!Can't she see tat im serving other customers too?!De queue is super long oso.Den she got angry for making her wait 'sooo long'!She decided to get it herself n yet get de wrong size some more.I got no choice so gotta page for staff.Get her de size dun wan try im lyk wtf?!Ok enough of it.Tat's not de main thing tat im so pissed off!After work i did everything i should do n den went to check my schedule.And guess wat?My manager gave me so many off days!Ppl will be thinking gd wat more time to enjoy.Ur head!Not tat im a workaholic but,LESSER working days means LESSER $$$!Pls dun say tat im a money-faced person if u dunno me well.Hells!WTH to do wit so many off days?!I noe tat i need to rest too but 1 or 2 it's enough wat.I need money la~!!!3 days tis week is way too much le n i DUN need more!Gosh!

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