Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wei ting's birthday

Well 2day actually gg out wit colleague de but well look lyk not much of sun n gg to rain soon so in de end didnt meet up.Maybe de next time((: So i went to meet Qian yu to pei yu zhu go amk get something.After getting de item, i felt so lyk gg to subway n eat however thr's no space)): den zhu suggest we go np cuz thr has a newly opened subway n juz nice cathryn msg zhu n ask wanna celebrate wei ting's birthday not so anything lorx.Cant let her juz pass her birthday w/o any celebration ba so pathetic lorx.Den qian yu n i were lyk if my birthday lyk tat i rather not have any birthday.Haha.So we meet wei ting n cathryn at np at 6pm.They very 'early' lorx left us 3 rotting.It's lyk finally when wei ting first came n we decided to meet cathryn at subway so we go thr get a seat first.Den zhu go meet cat buy cake while we ordered our food.Well we thot cathryn would wanna eat so we waited for them to come back which is lyk taking almost forever.She come le den say she not eating-.-''' say earlier ma make us wait so long.While eating pics were taken.Im tired of actually typing everything in detail so let de pic do de talking((: more pic are wit yu zhu.

Hey birthday girl.Wher are u looking at?

Aiyo.So sad)): so hard working neh.

AHAHAHA!I gotcha!

Cathryn n i look so white!

Aiyo...tsk tsk tsk!Qian yu so spoilsport.Nvm la forgive her.She very SHY...

Hey hey!Everbody is in de pic((:

Aiya!a bit no skill uh,cuz yu zhu's face got cut off.

Smile at de camera ppl((:



Aunty Yu zhu.

Wat?!Cant u c tat im wiping my dirtied hands?

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