Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daddy send me to YCK mrt station 2day cuz he was on his way to AMK?DEn wait for my classmates n we end up reaching tutorial late by 20 mins!Gosh!Ouh well We decided to meet earlier de next time.First tutorial(Human resource) 2day was kinda fun?I enjoyed it.I lyk my tutorial teacher immediately!Anne Marie.She's so english alright!I lyk de way she speaks to us n her curiosity.Great!Haha.Next was tutorial for accounting of assets.Tat was not i would say boring, but not as gd as de others so far.And our tutorial teacher had warned us bout or strict lecturer,Jowena.Ouh well chill first uh?Lols.Went for lunch after tat blah blah den still got time cuz we were released early so walk walk around de sch.
And guess wat?I saw Zoe at south canteen!She shouted my name n im lyk hey!I miss her too!Chated awhile den went to de library to lepak awhile cuz we got too much time till de next tutorial,which is also de last one.Saw shafiq thr.Omg i cant believe he actually chose nursing.Goodnesss!No offence i was juz surprised.I miss sec sch life so much.But i told myself hey have to grow up.Gotta move on somehow,someday aint it?It juz take time thou.
Last tutorial de teacher,Mona(for microeconomics)is so bubbly.And den we draw lots to be divided into grp n im kinda not happy wit de grp i ended up in.Im de only girl.Tat doesn't bother me much.It's my grp de all lyk heck care one except for 1?Uh tat matters.Im lyk die liao la.microeconomics is kinda tough.Hang on!Wat more de next sem is macroeconomics.Dunno is suey or wat seh.OKOK i cant be prejudice n all.maybe im wrong uh.Hope so.Was also released lyk 1 hr plus early n got nowher to go so headed hm.Actually wanted to meet baby but he working.Sian 2moro gg back to work le after 3 off days.Hope 2moro will turn out better.
And im still thinking wat CCA should i join.Maybe badminton?adventure club?running?More interested in sports leh.Not sure la.But i still hope i'll be able to continue working despite my hectic schedule uh.

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