Monday, April 20, 2009 first day of sch,first lesson,first lecture all goes oook...
Met baby for breakfast.First lesson was kinda sian cuz no frenz ma.After tat was well ok la.My first fren was shan shan,den belinda,xiu yi, ernest n alvin.First day go buy lecture note already cost me lyk wat?$17 .Den i didnt noe Dilys was actually in de same lecture theatre as me till break.Lols!Went to road show n baby was thr too.Queued up for an hr or so n finally got my lappy(fujitsu white L1010)Decided to bus hm cuz it's heavy alright!Later gg out to meet qianyu buy things.Actually was to meet Dilys go far east to get our hoodie n have dinner later on too but she's tired so next time i guess((: Kkz tat's all.Sian 2moro lesson till 6pm)): Zzz...

When will be de next day till i see u again?
Got so much to tell u!Chat wit u!
Hopefully at some parts of de sch,
i'll bump into u,baby.

Adding on...
First lesson tutorial for management n it's kinda gd cuz ended an hr early((: only for 2day...Next was lecture on microeconomics.Sian!So lyk a combination of ss,geog n maths?But well i took these combinations in sec sch so if i still rmb den no sweats!I hope i can follow up((: First half of de yr is on Management,Microeconomics n WAT?Accounting of Assets.Next half is lyk POA!Yeah!haha.Den macroeconomics(compared to microeconomics is way more)and blah blah blah which im not sure about.Oh well,juz chill and study hard n play hard!Lols.Met qianyu 2day again n she accompany me go j8 make de personalise sticker thingy.Cute!After tat go meet yuzhu,kh n cat came after tat.Chat,chat n chat n den she accompany me back hm!

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