Thursday, April 2, 2009

Got back frm work not long ago n had already showered.Feeling better after a warm shower.Ok here comes my complain again.So Ppl,pls bear wit it cuz i noe complain oso no use but it makes me feel better releasing all my anger!God damn it!It's de town's craze.I dunno y juz dunno y i always had probs wit mostly china n students customers.Not only me hu felt tat way kaes.They wanna make life difficult for me/my colleagues?We wont make their's easy either!I'll talk bout china ladies first.
One thing i dun understand wat's so great bout china ladies?I see so many singaporean old men(ranging age:40-60)bring china ladies to such shop to shop.And i think their plainly brainless cuz de ladies are only taking advantage of their $$$!See whatever they lyk take den try den not nice choose some more den we gotta keep hanging them back.But de funny thing bout de men are they would look at de price of every single item de china ladies take.And when de ladies go to de dressing room to fashion show for them they'll take note n say comments lyk:not nice la.make u look fat.All these crap!HA!And those ladies treat us lyk slaves uh.Ask us wat size is eg:S/M/L in UK sizes n we tell them.Den they would ask us to take for them even if tat piece of clothe in front of them is tat size!Some even worse!they sound lyk some retards.Ask them wat size they wan only noe to say eg:M...2nd time,3rd time oso M...Tell them UK 10 is M still M...WTF!
DEn students come after sch in their uniform take several merchandise to try but not to buy!How we noe?Them trying not only occupying de dressing room for a long long time,showing their frenz,commenting den blah blah blah n even take pic! Which is strictly not allowed.Wa i fed up till wanna slap them.Screw de bloody customers!p.s:some can be pretty friendly n nice.Normally those regulars.One of de regulars is smaller sized den me((: *chuckles^^ i rmb cuz she's one damn gd customer n im de one tat always serves her((:
Thr's once one of our staff told them off.They were talking loudly lyk nobody's biz den de staff cant stand it cuz other customers were staring den he went in front of them n say:Eh,girl tis is not a playground ok.Can u'll mind ur manners n if u're not buying anything,dont stand here n block de way.U're affecting us doing biz.They were so pai seh n left de shop.
Once during one of our conversations among us colleagues was tis.Rafis n i were chatting bout those bloody customers tat always make our blood boil.Den one of our supervisor walked pass den Rafis asked her hu de hell implemented de customers are always right/customers come first policy.Only consumers.How bout those ppl in de service industry?Customers come first policy i understand tat it's trying to create a win-win situation n lyk build customers loyalty la.Den our supervisor answered:I oso wanna noe hu!If i noe hu i'll be de first to kill him/her!We were lyk yea la!*laughs*She oso said if i were de management,thing wouldn't be tis way.Haha((:
2day i felt so damn tired!Not de sleepy kind of tired but i dunno how to explain.Den half way through after lunch cum dinner around 7 plus 8 plus i was feeling a bit unwell.Dunno feel lyk vomiting or wat adding on a bit of headache.Bleahz!I'll be alright((:

i miss u...

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