Friday, April 3, 2009

Juz got back frm work n finish eating my dinner.Woah 2day is lyk overload of staff.De 3 girls frm tamp is working wit us for de last 2 days.Sad.3 times yet none of de time i get to work de same shift as pretty Mira)): She's such a wonderful colleague n fren.Kinda get to noe them for lyk 2 days only?Nvm i'll go tamp some time to visit them,kak kak,wati n kevin((: Don't miss me...lols.
Zoe,chill ok?I noe tat wit tis kinda ppl trying to give u black face n make it more difficult for u de more u should hang on n be tough.Show him tat u're not as easy as he think to push!Smile la dun everytime he come den ur mood level down.Wher's my big sister zoe hu always jk wit me laugh, lyk nobody's biz n assures me tat everything will be alright everytime im afraid of something?ZOE I MISS U!)): Got me dun need bother bout tat self-centered,arrogant n bossy guy!U dun owe him anything ok.So not gentleman one.So long ago still hold grudge.
Bloody hell!While at work when checking stock in storeroom for customer, i did see wher i put my leg n when i moved,i hit my feet against de shelving n den got a small cut n orbakat!WTH can.De other time was when climbing up to look for stock i missed my footing n fell.Lucky my hand react fast to hold de shelving,but in a hurry oso got scratched by de shelving at de back.Damn clumsy rite?Alive n living can liao la.Haha.Ok i always at work in a hurry to get things done sometimes i dun see wher im gg de.
Tthr's once in order to avoid banging into a customer i took a step too fast forward n tripped over de prongs n almost fell faced down.Manage to stabilize myself thou.Damn it.Screw de customers too talk n talk dun see wher they gg oso den collided den start to put blame on ppl.No worries la im fine,aren't i?Hehe^^

Dun tell me next tue is de next time im gonna c u.
I miss u hell lots can!
2moro u start work le.Lucks to u dearest.
You'll do fine juz lyk u always do((:

We gotta manage our time well kaes?
No time is only excuse,n i hate de sound of it.
Lets not allow such trivial matters to be obstacles.
Sometimes meet up for a meal im oso happy.
Juz as long as i get to c u((:

U say u wont neglect me so walk de walk.
I trust u.

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