Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Im so gd alright?Since birdy tagged me to do i shall do((: Im bored anw^^

1. beside your lips , where is the spot that you like to be kissed ?

2. how do you feel when you are waking up today morning ?
-i so wanna sleep on.bloody tired.

3. who was the person you last took photo with ?
-woah i even forgot when was de last time i took photo wit someone.too long ago.

4. would you considered to be spoiled ?
-no way!im not born a priviledge.sometimes i wished so.

5. would you ever donate blood ?
-yepp if thr's a need.

6. have you ever had a best friend who is th opposite sex?
-Yes , and will always be((:

7. do you wanna someone dead ?
- no. im not that evil. everyone deserves to live.

8. what does your last message says ?
-cant tell.

9.what you thinking of now ?
-i dunno.

10. do you wish someone was with you right now ?
-YES! to kill my boredom.

11. what time did you went to bed last night ?
-12 plus. too tired already n having a throbbing headache.hell can!

12. where did you bought the shirt you wearing now ?
-Haha!parsa malam

13. is someone on your mind right now ?
- yea.

14. who was th last person who text you ?
-my dear qianyu

10 ppl who is tagged to do this quiz .

1. who is no.2 having relationship with ?
-no one.

2. is 3 a female or male ?

3. if 7 and 10 got tgt , will it be a good thing ?
-clarence n joonkiat?gosh they'll be super gay lorx!

4. what is no1 studying abt ?
-chemical n pharmaceutical technology

5. is no 4 single ?
- nope.she's taken

6. say something bout no2?
-lyk to emo at times,em n someone hu can be crazy together wit me.

7. wat do you think of 3 and 6 tgt ?
-they are((; new lovers!

8. desribe no9 ?
-he is lao k n he's squareheaded!HAHA!SLLLK^^

9. what will you do if no 6 and 7 fight ?
- no la they wont.cuz 7 will always get dvd frm 6.

10. do you like no 8 ?
-of cuz la!she's my half a life's time fren leh.


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