Monday, April 27, 2009

2day was kinda fun after sch.I had a delicious lunch i would say but not sumptuous at pizzahut cuz student meal.Den im super broke but well lucky at work i wasnt hungry during break so i didnt eat anything.Gotta get my allowance 2moro anw.Thx uh alvin((: for helping me bring back a book thou it's only one but well it did lighten my burden a lil.Wanted to asked him take both tat i brought but rmb got hw.Sad.
I was given permission to go hm on de dot at 10pm sharp!So gd rite my asst manager?So nice of her to buy some bread for us too((: Hehe cuz i kinda complained to her tat i was tired n sleepy.Even if i dun say frm my face she oso can see lorx.
Otw hm i was fucking pissed off.Sorry.I decided not to bounce back cuz i wan reach hm faster thou will have seats so i juz took de train frm city hall.NO seats!Guessed tat.Was standing n carrying de bloody heavy lappy wit my bag already on de floor.A guy sitting opp wher i was standing eyed me a few times yet dun wan give up seat to me when he's lyk relaxing playing his stupid psp.Buster!Nvm den beside him de aunty got off at orchard i think den a guy standing near de seat eyed de seat den me den hurriedly sit down.Im lyk fuck!He's being very bastard ok.Really!He kept looking at de sleepy me wit de heavy burden yet still sit down thr.Dunno how to give up de sit to me meh.If he did,at least i'll be thankful.BUt no!Holding only a bloody mp4 n nth else.HUmph!I really cant stand such ppl.Bear wit me n those vulgarities.So fucking inconsiderate can!
I was feeling damn awful la.Having quite a terrible headache n wit de burden wa it was way worse den tat time during christmas when im having fever.I called daddy hoping he's somewher near to fetch me hm.Once again,he cmi.Not free)): Juz lyk tat time during christmas.I almost brokedown,almost cant take it.Make me sound lyk a cry baby uh?So wanted to call B come fetch me hm but i noe he got early lesson 2moro so dun wan trouble him.No choice lorx.De walk hm was agony for me.Every step i took de pain in my head seems to get worse.My whole body is aching lyk hell!N lyk finally i reached hm.Thou headache but still die die wan blog bout de train incident.

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