Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh chill.Im kinda happy cuz i finally got into sch of biz-business management class BM0906(BF)((: after 3 appeals can u believe it?Kinda crazy or insane ppl would put it.*wink*
My timetable:

So practically other den de weekends,i can still work on mon,wed n fri.Ok la but still need to rest thou.I wan time to socialise wit new frenz.Dilys!We're in de same course but i doubt de same class.Haha.Intake 370/380?Unless so coincidental.Missed de orientation but nvm.Gotta STUDY HARD most importantly.I tried so hard to get into a course in biz so yea.Not forgetting those ppl hu wished me luck n had given their support ur efforts have not gone to waste.I've made it!Gotta prove it too((: *grins*Work was kinda tiring ytd cuz i think i didnt have enough sleep.Feeling very sleepy n kept sneezing(eeww).Off 2day.YEAH!Gg to meet my dearest qianyu,baby n birdy for movie.17 again here i come!It's been so long since i even step foot into de cinema.And qianyu dun forget(laughs).
Im so freaked out sch's gonna start de coming monday.So fast!When im bored wit de long 4 mths of hols wishing for sch to start,now thinking again i wish sch wasn't gonna start so soon.I miss all my frenz.Thou im quite gd at adapting.But it means new environment, new frenz.And i think i will get lost on my first day cuz i dunno wher de hell to report to.I dun understand de bloody timetable!Screw it!haha.Shall find help:x

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