Sunday, April 19, 2009

OUH GOD!2moro is de start of freshman yr.Wonder how well can i cope.Went to tamp 1 walk walk n oso a meal at subway.YEAH!It's been lyk a yr since i been thr i think?Went to topshop topman to visit kak kak,wati,kevin n mira.Damn big la,especially topshop.2 level seh.They got some quite nice stocks tat we dun have)): But it's alright.haha.Wanted oso to go to uni qlo help zoe see see if thr's any thing nice but den need to queue to get in, so argh forget it!Hope everything will turn out fine 2moro n well oso get to noe some new frenz too since i missed orientation)):
I juz realised i have yet to apply for my tertiary ez link card.Damn it!Gg to get it done 2moro n oso get my lappy!I think i'll get fujitsu white?Yea.Anw lesson ends early 2moro n i took off, so i've got time((: Drats!However gotta wake up early cuz first lesson start at 0800.It's ok.Once a week only.Can one((: Gee^^
Baby i've been to ur blog too((: cupcake wit a cherry on top!Nah i prefer strawberry.Haha!Meaning:for me to noe for u to find out((: muacks.See u 2moro!
And qianyu!I've read de super duper long post bout me!Sweet can!Haha.U take care uh((; anything juz text me alright?24/7 sure will reply.I'll try to chopchop n reply ya A.S.A.P((: Juz chill.
Bye!I wanna fill my stomach now((;

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