Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ytd at work was well quite relaxing on a part n tiring on de other.Dunno y i seems to be lyk happy?Thou im still worrying over de course thingy.Argh!But i guess cuz i haven seen zoe for long n we hardly get to work de same shift.It's lyk finally.Yea!i miss her!And oso cuz i had a gd time on sunday nite?My manager kept saying:daphne,y u 2day so happy keep smiling.Me:Cannot meh?I smile u oso say me i dun smile later u say me sian sian again den wat u wan me to do?Den he juz laughed.Briefing time we had de most laughs.And i agree tat de new girl is kinda weird?Dunno how to describe.But im not de only one tat said tat k!Almost everybody said so.Oh well.Hope 2day will be another gd day for me((: cheers!

4 tenacity ppl take note:
Class outing is cancelled.So sorry.Cuz many having orientation cant make it.Will replan on a hols or wat yea?

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